Monday, September 29, 2008

Its easy to see green.

I may have gone slightly crazy with the blog color challenge this weekend. I really could have gone on and on. Every where I looked, I saw green. Here were just a few of the green things I found.
Pickles for the burgers...Dill, thank you ;-)

a squash in the garden. This ones got a ways to go it appears.

Opps, this zucchini that has gotten too big. Looks like its headed for some zucchini bread

the little stain glass flower that hangs above my kitchen sink

my favorite cleaner

and the street lights going by...way too fast :)

Thats it for green things.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

mellow yellow

Sharon has been giving us a creative challenge each weekend with a color.
The object is to be aware of color around us. Last week was yellow. This week is green.
I never posted my yellows from last week, so heres what I found.

Macie in her new raincoat. And a butterfly in the dill plant in Moms garden.
that's it for yellow. I'll try and catch up with green next week sometime.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy first day of Autumn

One thing I always notice about fall is that it seems to happen all at once. There's no messing around with this season. It seems to happen overnight here in Seattle. One day its summer, then the next day its fall. Spring kind of sneaks in, little by little. Before you know it, it has slowly turned to summer.
Although I love the warm weather of the summer months, I always seem to be excited when it turns to fall.

For the next two months or so we'll enjoy cool nights, warm days, and hopfully only a little rain. Fall in the northwest is a beautiful season. Lots of maples to turn bright shades from yellow to scarlet.
Out in the yard its time for planting bulbs and harvesting the acorn squash that have been growing in the garden all summer long. Indoors its about snuggling up with one of the many good books I've been saving all summer. This year I have the entire Shopaholic series to read that my friend Jill left on my doorstep last spring. Thanks Jill! I'm hoping to have lots of time to read this fall and winter.
Autumn is for sweaters and fires in the fireplace, watching football, and knitting and of course scrapbooking. For me its about staying indoors all day long. Its all about comfort food...big steamy bowls of soup and warm crusty bread. I made a big pot of chili for dinner tonight.

Its also time to bring out the autumn decorations and wreaths for the door. I leave these up from now until after Thanksgiving. I think I need a fresh one for my wreath stand this year. So happy Autumn everyone.
The food, the family, the cool nights, warm days, and just being at home.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in my dreams

someone would build this fireplace and shelves in my living room.
When I saw this magazine on the newsstand I think I just about squealed out loud. This is exactly the picture thats in my head to replace the floor to ceiling brick fireplace I hate so much. At one time I even had my walls painted that same color...just in case someone built me those cabinets and shelves.
Have you ever purchased a magazine just because of the picture on the cover? I do it all the time.
Im such a sucker for a pretty cover

Monday, September 08, 2008

pink monday

The girls over at have been doing a weekly blog picture challenge. I participated in the first one, which was red, but I have not been able to do one since.
This past weekend I didn't know what the color was until Monday, so in order to participate I opened up some of my recent photo files and found a few pink ones that I've taken this month.
So here's a pink post!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

doin' "The Puyallup"

Doing the western washington fair is the mark that fall is here. It always starts the weekend after labor day and runs for three weeks. The fair hasnt changed as long as I've been going to it. The same vendors are in the same spots. We talked to a friend of Pauls whos family has had a BBQ spot at the fair for over 45 years.

The first week of the fair is the PBR rodeo.

this guy doesnt look so tough to me. He even smiled for his picture

This ride is one of the oldest ones at the fair. Its so beautiful to watch spinning around, but you wouldnt get me on it if you paid me.

This is a big stretch for me to get on...and its the only ride that I will agree to. The sky ride. Scary to be high above the fair, hanging by a thread.

No problem! I don't intend on moving

I much prefer spending time in the 4-H barns. They rotate whats in the barns during the fair. No pigs or goats this week. This week was for the chickens and the bunny's.

love these old fashioned photobooths. The fair is one of the only places I ever see them.

Fun to see how all the 4-H groups design their displays too. Since the fair just started, these look pretty good. By the end of the fair, their looking a little wilted.So we had our fair scone, had our onion burger... next week we go back again for a concert and thats when I'll indulge in an elephant ear and something on a stick.
after all, its the fair. Its all about the food.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

so excited for football season this year. Go Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its insane how difficult it is to get tickets to a game. Season tickets have a waiting list and individual game tickets sell out within about 15 minutes of going on sale. We're kinda thinking about getting on the waiting list for season tickets.
For this season though, we'll be watching them from home in our slippers...except for one day in November...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So thats what all that paper is for

Its been quite awhile since I've posted any layouts, and thats because its been awhile since I've done any. Must be the change in seasons, but I've finally felt like playing with paper again.
I've had this layout of Ethan from last September sitting on my shelf almost competed for about 6 months. Finally finished it up, added some journaling and called it done.
I think if you click on the picture it will open so you can read the journaling

And I took this picture of him just last week. The dinosaur was eating the semi truck
These are some pics I took on July 4th. I gave him a squirt gun and told him he could water the flowers with it. That lasted about 2 seconds before he squirted me too.
and this one is Macie getting to play with her first ice cube. The title comes from the movie Bambi where thumper trys to get Bambi to ice skate and tells him that the water is stiff. Macie had the same reaction to the stiff water, but was soon batting it all around the kitchen floor. Good thing I hadnt mopped the floor yet.