Sunday, September 07, 2008

doin' "The Puyallup"

Doing the western washington fair is the mark that fall is here. It always starts the weekend after labor day and runs for three weeks. The fair hasnt changed as long as I've been going to it. The same vendors are in the same spots. We talked to a friend of Pauls whos family has had a BBQ spot at the fair for over 45 years.

The first week of the fair is the PBR rodeo.

this guy doesnt look so tough to me. He even smiled for his picture

This ride is one of the oldest ones at the fair. Its so beautiful to watch spinning around, but you wouldnt get me on it if you paid me.

This is a big stretch for me to get on...and its the only ride that I will agree to. The sky ride. Scary to be high above the fair, hanging by a thread.

No problem! I don't intend on moving

I much prefer spending time in the 4-H barns. They rotate whats in the barns during the fair. No pigs or goats this week. This week was for the chickens and the bunny's.

love these old fashioned photobooths. The fair is one of the only places I ever see them.

Fun to see how all the 4-H groups design their displays too. Since the fair just started, these look pretty good. By the end of the fair, their looking a little wilted.So we had our fair scone, had our onion burger... next week we go back again for a concert and thats when I'll indulge in an elephant ear and something on a stick.
after all, its the fair. Its all about the food.


Reen said...

I love the fair! Ours is in Oct. every year. I'm looking forward to it even more now, since seeing your photos! It's always so much fun isn't it?!!!!

gosh I love those photo booths...I can never seem to talk the guys into piling in with me! maybe this year ;)

Sharon said...

great pictures!!! I can imagine it all... :)

Mo said...

OH WOW!!!! That looks like such a great fair. I wish I lived closer I would be there in a heartbeat. Your photos are awesome!!!!! I need to get into a photo booth with you and Reenie and the girls! How fun would that be!?