Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy first day of Autumn

One thing I always notice about fall is that it seems to happen all at once. There's no messing around with this season. It seems to happen overnight here in Seattle. One day its summer, then the next day its fall. Spring kind of sneaks in, little by little. Before you know it, it has slowly turned to summer.
Although I love the warm weather of the summer months, I always seem to be excited when it turns to fall.

For the next two months or so we'll enjoy cool nights, warm days, and hopfully only a little rain. Fall in the northwest is a beautiful season. Lots of maples to turn bright shades from yellow to scarlet.
Out in the yard its time for planting bulbs and harvesting the acorn squash that have been growing in the garden all summer long. Indoors its about snuggling up with one of the many good books I've been saving all summer. This year I have the entire Shopaholic series to read that my friend Jill left on my doorstep last spring. Thanks Jill! I'm hoping to have lots of time to read this fall and winter.
Autumn is for sweaters and fires in the fireplace, watching football, and knitting and of course scrapbooking. For me its about staying indoors all day long. Its all about comfort food...big steamy bowls of soup and warm crusty bread. I made a big pot of chili for dinner tonight.

Its also time to bring out the autumn decorations and wreaths for the door. I leave these up from now until after Thanksgiving. I think I need a fresh one for my wreath stand this year. So happy Autumn everyone.
The food, the family, the cool nights, warm days, and just being at home.


Anonymous said...

I love fall too Susan and agree completely.... yeah for sweater weather!!!!

Hope you find lots and lots of time to read :)


Sue Thomas said...

I totally share your love of fall, Susan!!!!

Maria said...

YEAY for Autumn! I love this season! It's so fun and festive! That cup of yours is LOVELY! Happy Wednesday Susan! :D