Monday, September 29, 2008

Its easy to see green.

I may have gone slightly crazy with the blog color challenge this weekend. I really could have gone on and on. Every where I looked, I saw green. Here were just a few of the green things I found.
Pickles for the burgers...Dill, thank you ;-)

a squash in the garden. This ones got a ways to go it appears.

Opps, this zucchini that has gotten too big. Looks like its headed for some zucchini bread

the little stain glass flower that hangs above my kitchen sink

my favorite cleaner

and the street lights going by...way too fast :)

Thats it for green things.


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures!!! And, you made me really hungry for dill pickles! :O

Reen said...

VERY kewl photos!!

Sue Thomas said...

Love your green photos, Susan!!!!!!!!!

Suzelle said...

COOL !!!!!

Mo said...

LOVE that shot of the green artistic. You look like you had fun this week. :)

LisaW said...

I love the green lights in your last photo. Great job!