Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So thats what all that paper is for

Its been quite awhile since I've posted any layouts, and thats because its been awhile since I've done any. Must be the change in seasons, but I've finally felt like playing with paper again.
I've had this layout of Ethan from last September sitting on my shelf almost competed for about 6 months. Finally finished it up, added some journaling and called it done.
I think if you click on the picture it will open so you can read the journaling

And I took this picture of him just last week. The dinosaur was eating the semi truck
These are some pics I took on July 4th. I gave him a squirt gun and told him he could water the flowers with it. That lasted about 2 seconds before he squirted me too.
and this one is Macie getting to play with her first ice cube. The title comes from the movie Bambi where thumper trys to get Bambi to ice skate and tells him that the water is stiff. Macie had the same reaction to the stiff water, but was soon batting it all around the kitchen floor. Good thing I hadnt mopped the floor yet.


Suzelle said...

Oh my gosh Susan...you are such an inspiration !!! These are FABULOUS !!!!!! LOVE the robot paper. Perfect for The Ethan-ator :) Stiff ice cube....how CUTE is that !!!!

AWESOME job girl !!!!!!

JENNY B said...

these are soooo dang cute Susan!! Love all of your pages! Ethan is a doll-baby =)

Tracy said...

Great pages (as always) Susan!

...I particularly love the part about Ethan watering the flowers...for 2 seconds before watering YOU...HeeHee...what a Boy!

Reen said...

Yea Susan is scrapping again!! Oh happy day!! Cute layouts!!

Melodee said...

These are stunning Susan! Love every single one of them!