Friday, October 31, 2008

she hates me...

poor thing....
I dont make her dress up often.
happy halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Kind of a random post, but a few things on my mind today
first off, this stuff rocks.
and its only available during the holidays. I could only find it at Target last year and they seemed to sell out of it very early, so the other day when I found it at Target again, I stocked up. I need to go back and get more before its gone

and secondly, congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies' and more specificly to Jamie Moyer for winning the world series. It was a sad day when the Mariners traded Jamie to Philly, but I'm so happy he now has a world series win to top off his long career. Jamie Moyer is an amazing role model and is still very active in the Seattle area where he and his wife live and run the Moyer foundation Definitely one of the good guys

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can you find anything cute while shopping at the farm supply store ...

How 'bout them Fat babys?
The thought has been in my mind about getting some new boots for winter. One day while reading a knitting blog (of all places) the girl mentioned how cute she thought her newest knitted socks went with a new pair of boots she'd gotten...she called them Fat Babys. Being a sucker for a cute name, I had to take a closer look. I thought they were way cuter (in a weird way ) than the plain black dress boots I was considering but, we live in Seattle. We wear rain boots here, not cowboy boots.

So anyway, fast forward to last weekend. We were at Del's farm supply stocking up on some wood for the winter. (That sounds kind of rural doenst it?) Im really not :)
While Paul is paying for the wood, I am drawn to the shoe a moth to a flame.
Doesnt matter that this is a farm supply store, they have shoes and thats way more fun to look at than wood.
I spotted the fat babys from across the store. With blazing speed I found my size in a pair of the palest pink and brown. Pauls confused looks didnt slow me down one second. He laughed at me all the way to the cash register. Now he thinks they're kinda cute too.

gettyup and Yeehaw

Monday, October 27, 2008

So ready for Nov 4th

lets elect somebody already.
my guy preferably, but at this point....

the political ads are driving me nuts.
It wouldn't be so bad if they insisted that the politicians themselves had to be on the ads instead of actors, old people, and children...or if they would just say, vote for me because I will ....
instead of saying don't vote for him because he....

now that I've mailed my ballot, I want to be exempt from political ads, starting now.
You should be able to somehow block them as soon as you vote.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

no bows please

everytime we take Macie in to get bathed and cut, she comes home with bows.

I do not like the bows...
Paul does not like the bows...
Macie, she really hates the bows.

I could tell Suzie not to put bows in her and save us all the effort...
but, it always looks so cute, I can not bring myself to tell her no bows.
I let her go through all the work of putting in them in
then I take a picture
then I rip them out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

mosaic monday

I havent done a mosaic monday for awhile, but I've been getting lots of inspiration from flickr, so it seemed like time to do another mosaic monday. Its always so fun to see some of the amazing pumpkin carving people do, and seeing halloween bentos inspires me again to get back in the swing of bento making for lunches, always fun to do.

1. Pooh halloween bento B 10-12-06, 2. white pumpkins, 3. Jack O'lantern Trio Ready For Halloween, 4. Halloween bento box, 5. Cow Girl, 6. It's October, 7. Cutie, 8. Day 278/365......This is about as Halloween as I get, 9. Halloween bento box, 10. HaLLoWeeN°LeaF, 11. THOMAS, 12. autumn branch, 13. The Pumpkin King pondering, 14. Happy Halloween, 15. Happy Halloween!, 16. Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

the color Purple

Sharon has been hosting a weekly blog color challenge, and mostly I havent participated because I hadnt taken any pictures. Now that the final weekly challenge is here, I figure out thats okay to post pictures that you'd taken previously... I know, Im a little bit slow.

The color this week is purple and obviously this tulip picture was taken way back in May during the tulip festival. Acres and acres of beatiful purple
And this one, also from last May of my lilac bush.

And this one from only last week, is one of my week in the life photos

This one, also from last week... my favorite paperweight
Not sure that it looks as purple in this photo as it really is.

and this one actually was from this weekend.... these wont be around much longer with the weather we've been having.

Thats it for me...Thank you for hosting this challenge Sharon! Hopfully we'll do it again sometime. It was really fun looking for specific colors.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Week in the life: Sunday to Saturday

Along with hundreds of other scrappers this past week, I took on a project to document my life with words and pictures. Ali Edwards challenged us and is walking us through the project. I guess I should have been adding pictures each day along with words to describe a day in our life, but I waited until the end of the week to download, here I am with the post the size of a novel. I guess we'll see what the picture limit is on blogger :-)

First off, the timing was perfect because we just got this little point and shoot camera. I don't think I could have done this project without it. I certainly wouldn't have carried my camera with me to work, and I know I wouldn't have gotten some of the self portraits.

The weekend started out the way the weekend always does, menu planning and grocery shopping for the week

Making beds and generally cleaning up for the week ahead. Someone snuck in the pillows...

Laundry that never ends

Chores done its time for relaxation. Headed out for a day at the coast

weather was perfect at the beach today, in the high 70's and perfect for walking in the sand

Monday morning I'm at my desk early for a meeting, but the big news of the day is the stock market
Hope to make it through this day....stupid 6:30am meeting could not get going and had to cancel. I'm look pretty bored or half asleep as their trying to teleconference in the European offices.

the office is a quiet place at this time of day. I love being one of the first in so I have some time to organize my day. . . and wake up a little bit in peace and quiet.

Errands during lunch...Macie is out of treats.

Tuesday morning and we get to do it all again.

Same place...different day, lunch at my desk today .
living in the shadow of a volcano :) Love this site at the end of our street.

Ethan and Jaryn are coming for dinner, so mid-week, that means take out

Another day, another commute

Paul brings me coffee, every single morning while I'm in the shower.

Macie has decided she wants to sit on my scrap table while I scrap....She has also decided she should sit on the bathroom vanity while I dry my hair and put on my makeup in the morning, and when I surf the Internet ....

Paul getting to some chores that have been on the to-do list
So happy to find this just released book at Costco today.
the knitting of these days I'll finish something.
Trying to decide if my summer wreath will hold me through until the red berry one for christmas, or if I need a fall one....hmmmmmmm
The leaves are falling in the backyard
After taking hundreds of pictures, that's about it in a nutshell.
One thing that's been fun about this project is to remember to capture the little things in our life. Not just the holidays, celebrations and vacations, but the day to day things. I found it hard to get use to taking my own picture, but I think down the road it will be fun to look back on our real life as it is today.
Now I'm excited to move on to the next part of this project...picking out the pictures to use and putting it together with words, thoughts and observations. I think I'm going to love this little album. It may become an annual project or it may just change the way I look at my day in and day out documenting our life. I think it will probably do both.