Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can you find anything cute while shopping at the farm supply store ...

How 'bout them Fat babys?
The thought has been in my mind about getting some new boots for winter. One day while reading a knitting blog (of all places) the girl mentioned how cute she thought her newest knitted socks went with a new pair of boots she'd gotten...she called them Fat Babys. Being a sucker for a cute name, I had to take a closer look. I thought they were way cuter (in a weird way ) than the plain black dress boots I was considering but, we live in Seattle. We wear rain boots here, not cowboy boots.

So anyway, fast forward to last weekend. We were at Del's farm supply stocking up on some wood for the winter. (That sounds kind of rural doenst it?) Im really not :)
While Paul is paying for the wood, I am drawn to the shoe a moth to a flame.
Doesnt matter that this is a farm supply store, they have shoes and thats way more fun to look at than wood.
I spotted the fat babys from across the store. With blazing speed I found my size in a pair of the palest pink and brown. Pauls confused looks didnt slow me down one second. He laughed at me all the way to the cash register. Now he thinks they're kinda cute too.

gettyup and Yeehaw


Anonymous said...

We shop at the farm supply store!!! :) That's where I bought my boots and my jean jacket.

Your boots are really cute... love them!

Reen said...

Now those you could wear in Fresno/Clovis and totally fit right in!


Sue Thomas said...

Those boots rock, Susan!!!!

Suzelle said...

Those are SO CUTE !!!!! I love to go to the farm supply store. They have FUN goodies there....for the horses, the rabbit and us :)

Tracy said...

Oh my Gosh!
I am not a cowgirl in the least....but I could seriously get behind owning a pair of those darling boots!!!
Now lets see....I know there's gotta be a feed store somewhere around here...I am in the middle of this farm country & it seems that I should be able to find one, even if I am a City Girl!!

Jill said...

Look at you being the cutest cowgirl Puyallup ever did see! Maybe there is something beyond the SH Mall!

...and so much more interesting than wood. Cute story, cute boots!

Mo said...

Those boots ROCK!!!!!!