Monday, October 20, 2008

mosaic monday

I havent done a mosaic monday for awhile, but I've been getting lots of inspiration from flickr, so it seemed like time to do another mosaic monday. Its always so fun to see some of the amazing pumpkin carving people do, and seeing halloween bentos inspires me again to get back in the swing of bento making for lunches, always fun to do.

1. Pooh halloween bento B 10-12-06, 2. white pumpkins, 3. Jack O'lantern Trio Ready For Halloween, 4. Halloween bento box, 5. Cow Girl, 6. It's October, 7. Cutie, 8. Day 278/365......This is about as Halloween as I get, 9. Halloween bento box, 10. HaLLoWeeN°LeaF, 11. THOMAS, 12. autumn branch, 13. The Pumpkin King pondering, 14. Happy Halloween, 15. Happy Halloween!, 16. Happy Halloween!


Tracy said...

Love it, girlfriend!!

Maria Hammon said...

I love that beautiful mosaic! And I love all things Fall & Halloween! :D

Jill said...

How fun! Love that middle pumpkin - how clever is that????