Tuesday, November 18, 2008

29 things

Today he would have been 29 years old.
Remembering him today on his birthday, here are 29 things I remember and loved about Justin

1) Your sense of humor. You were always the clown of the group and the life of the party.
2) Your smile. Always there… even when you didn't feel much like smiling. It wasn't always a good thing.
3) Your hilarious take on your family members...you called them the degenerates
4) Being the fearless brother to Jaryn, ready to defend her from anyone or anything
5) You were a dreamer
6) You thought you could play the guitar and you worked hard at it, but I never heard you play a song I could recognize
7) Kaylee was your pride and joy and you would have been a great father
8) Your skinny legs and shoulders... You hated being slender. Growing up you were always drinking weight gainer drinks to try and put on weight
9) Sunshine bear
10) Extreme anything…work & play. You never liked the mundane.
11) You loved to fish, hunt and go camping
12) You liked to wear button up shirts and ironed them yourself.
13) You were on the football team in high school, but rarely played on game days
14) You loved to play baseball or just toss the ball and play catch with Dad
15) You teased Jaryn and Jennifer constantly
16) How Dad scared you with campfire stories of John J. Fishhook
17) You finally got that Harley
18) Flirting with all Jennifer’s friends when they’d call the house. It made her so mad.
19) The way you’d cock your jaw sideways when you were thinking
20) You were a poser…It was so funny to watch you and we always teased you that you were worse than the girls.
21) Your stories. You always had a funny story to share, even when you were in the hospital.
22) Your temper. Along with the sense of humor came the temper.
23) Those flashes of your Dad in your facial expressions and mannerisms.
24) That time Dad snuck up on you and Nick and we heard you whisper to ask if he was a Martian
25) Your love of the Army and how proud you were of being a soldier
26) You always wanted a "muscle car"
27) That little scar on your eyebrow
28) How proud you were when you and Natalie bought your first house
29) Your faith in God

We love you Justin. Happy Birthday


Reen said...

I love your list! What a sweet young man and so many beautiful memories to cherish. Peace be with you and with him.

big huge reenie hug to you to hold you my friend. I miss him too for you.

Anonymous said...


Suzelle said...

what a sweet tribute Susan....

Jill said...

Such a lovely list. And those memories will always be there. I have no words...just know that I love you!