Sunday, November 23, 2008

decorating the nest

Im ready to skip right past Thanksgiving and go straight for the Christmas decorations.
The other day I walked around the back yard and snipped as many different kinds of greens as I could find.

I have several wire wreath forms so I thought I'd get my wire and snips out and make a wreath. But instead I just made a arrangement for the dining room table out of them and hung my artifical wreaths on the door. Greens stay fresh for a long time, so this arrangement should last several weeks. I may even add a few flowers. As I was getting out the wreaths for the door, I came across this string of lights I got from Ikea last year. Its about as wide a half the slidding glass door and hangs from the top of the door to about a foot above the floor.
I hung it under the valance and centered it in the window. It loos so pretty when the sheers are closed over it. Im going to pick up a few more of these Star light strings next week if they have them this year. I'd like to put them in all of the upstairs windows too.

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Suzelle said...

Beautiful Susan !!!!

Love those lights....I am getting some on our next IKEA trip !!!!