Tuesday, November 25, 2008

gameday pictures

Paul and I went to our first Seahawks game this past weekend in the new Qwest field.
What a beautiful stadium, the best of everything...I guess that's what Paul Allen's money can buy.

We expected it to be cold, and thankfully it turned out to be not as bad as we had expected. It was clear, so no rain was a plus.
The view of the Olympic mountains with some new snow on them from the inside of the stadium is so pretty, even if your looking at the ugly port.

P-Dub, armed with hot lattes and pretzels with nacho cheese

And me, bundled like Im going to the north pole. I cant tell you how many layers I had on.

The entrance to the stadium
and the view from our nosebleed section seats. We were like 20 rows down from the top row...geez. Way to work off those nacho cheese pretzels just walking up the stairs.
This place explodes with noise when the 12th man kicks in. Seattle fans are known for being extremely loud whenever the other team is on offense. Its crazy, but a lot of fun.

We left before the game was over so the stands were still packed. Four minutes left in the game and the score was tied. Minutes after I snapped this picture, Seattle fumbled the ball and the Redskins recovered and scored...game over.

But, all in all a rather fun day. We sat in a section that was generally mellow, but fun enough to give high fives at every great Seahawk moment. Not too much beer consumed so everyone was behaving themselves. Too bad we didnt win, but at least we didnt get blown out.


Tracy said...

WOW-your new stadium is quite impressive! Great Shots. AND, It looks like the sun shone nicely for your fun day together.

Jill said...

Lovely photos Susan. You make me proud to be from our beautiful state!