Thursday, November 06, 2008

little pink elephants

and little white camels with sprinkles...
my all time favorite cookie is gone. Im so sad today.
from CNN
For more than 90 years, kids in California enjoyed creating parades of Circus Animal Cookies baked by Mother's Cookies, an iconic grocery-store snack brand headquartered in Oakland. But this generation will be the last to munch on the bright-pink frosted animals: Mother's Cookies crumbled on Oct. 6, when the owners abruptly shut down and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
They blamed a variety of economic factors, including the rising costs of fuel, flour, butter and sugar. "It's a tough market in which to find credit," said Barrett Golden, spokeswoman for Catterton Partners, the private equity firm that bought Mother's Cookies a few years ago.
The flagship cookie's image will live on in a hipster homage. ClothMoth, an independent t-shirt company based in Houston, created a tribute tee featuring rows of Circus Animals and a bittersweet farewell: "Lights down, little cookies." Until its supply runs out, ClothMoth is shipping a small bag of the cookies with each shirt order.


Reen said...

Those where my Mother's favorite cookie. She also loved their iced oatmeal, which we will all in-laws always have those in their cupboard! sorry to see that co. go out of business. those cookies are tokens of my childhood and my kids childhood too!

Tracy said...

Oh, how sad! My mom used to buy those for me & my sisters all the time!!! I guess I must admit that I haven't supported them & purchased them for my kids though.