Saturday, November 15, 2008

taking advantage of a warm fall afternoon

Looking back over my pictures from years past, I noticed that we've often received a small snowfall by late November. With the weather we had today though, you'd never guess that we're already half way through November. It was tee shirt weather, and we decided it was a great day to take Macie and go on a hike.
So after lunch we headed out to see what we could find.

Theres a mountain nearby called Mount Si, that many hikers use as a training hike before hiking Mount Rainier. We took a drive there and headed up the trail. Before long we'd wished we'd worn shorts even though the trail cuts through some beautiful shaded forest...Moss covered trees and giant ferns everywhere.

We didn't go far, nowhere near the full length of the trail. Unfortunately we both need better hiking shoes, and we forgot to bring water with us...We plan on going back soon though.
A great way to spend the afternoon though.


Suzelle said...

Oh Susan...that is a beautiful place. I'd definately go back too. Those moss covered trees look like they are from a science fiction movie...COOL !!!

Tracy said...

Can I just say to you, Susan, that I love your weekend days with Paul & Macie...You are such a wonderful & inspiring couple!!!