Saturday, November 29, 2008

you know those times when

only a chocolate chip cookie will do
and you want one right now
and you dont want to make a mess in the kitchen
or wait a half hour to get one?

That is why I always keep some of this stuff in the frig.
This huge tub is a little over $7.00 at costco.
What a deal.
So I can have one of these, or a few dozen of them, when ever I want.
and I dont have to clean up the mess.
Now thats what I call priceless.


Tracy said...

Oh, this post is making me hungry!

Melodee said...

mmmmI take one right now please! :)

Sue Thomas said...

I love those tubs of cookie dough! Yummy!!!!

Suzelle said...

I bet they smell yummy :)

Mo said...

Oh, I always have a tub of those babies in my fridge too. GMTA. ;)