Sunday, December 28, 2008

a year in review

I completed my 8 on the 8th album. It was a fun project and one I plan to do each year. If I only do one thing each year, this will be enough. Im really happy with it.
I also want to thank Irene for playing along with me this year. It really helped to have someone else to keep me moving and on track. Im really excited more want to join in for the 2009 go round too. I cant wait to get started.
Here's my year in may have to click on the link at the bottom. I cant figure out how to embed the slideshow into the post. I had it working once, but now it doesnt. Anyone know what Im doing wrong?
ETA- figured it out...I needed to download a newer version of Adobe flash.


Anonymous said...

If I could scream through the internet I would! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I love the paper line you chose too... love the trees throughout... love it all!!!

I am definitely doing a 9 picture a month book this year! Thank you thank you thank you for the inspiration!!!

Tracy said...

Susan~can I just say, that I want to be a scrapper just like you!

That is a FABULOUS year in review....and I am definitely motivated by your impressive project, to join in on the 9 on the 9th in '09 coming up next year!

Thanks for being an inspiration~

melodee Langworthy said...

Your album totally rocks Susan!! What a life time treasure!
I would love to try something like this digitally with your for 2009.

I am thinking I would like the 9 on the 29th...or something like that to cover most of the month...or do you not scrap the current month in that month...but rather the next month?

Denise Gormish said...

Great job Susan! Love this recording. I feel like I was there with you!Yyour design if fabulous.

Reen said...

Susan! You did such a fabulous job on this, it was so fun to do this project with you. I can't wait to finish mine too. Thank you for sharing it in it's entirety. I know that took some time to upload and it looks awesome!

Thanks for sharing the project with me, for keeping me excited and motivated to complete it all thorughout the year. I wouldn't trade this little treasure book and the experience of making it with you for a thing!

Love you,

Jill said...

Susan!!!!!! What a great accomplishment! I'm so gonna do this with you in 2009. I think you're right...even if this is all you complete in the entire year, this is the way to do it!

Love your design and color scheme. Then again, you're one of my favorite scrappers so I'm not too surprised :)

Thanks for sharing AND inspiring!

Suzanne said...

Oh wow Susan! That is amazing :) What a lovely record of the year. I am sorely tempted to join in next year :)

JENNY B said...

SUSAN!!! this is fabulous!!! I so MUST do this for 2009! love love love it!!!!!!!!!