Sunday, December 14, 2008

decorating the nest part 2

I've had the tree up for a week or so now, but still dont have an ornament added to it.
A few years ago we got this slim artifical tree because our old tree took up half the room.
But the slim one really needs some fluffing to it to make it look better.
I start by adding some floral picks, this year I got a bunch with berries and apples from Michaels for about $1.50 each. Then I added some bows...and lastly, snow.
I get a bag of fiberfill and pull off small chunks. Lay the "snow" over the top of some of the branches, just on the tip of the branch.

The object is that you want it to look like snow does in nature, just on some branches.

Its kinda fun.

So far I dont have any ornaments on the tree, and I may just leave it like this. Easy to put up, and easy to take down :)


Melodee said...

You tree looks awesome with the snow on it Susan...nice job!!

Suzelle said...

LOVE the fiberfill on the branches Susan...way COOL !!!!

Love the new blog look too :)

Reen said...

Pretty Tree Susan and just about the most festive looking blog on the block! Cute!

Tracy said...

how lovely, Susan~Thanks for sharing your holiday spirit!