Monday, December 15, 2008

Mosaic Monday

I haven't done a mosaic Monday for awhile.
Today I'm thinking about Christmas Cookies. I haven't been unable to find time to bake any, for the past several Christmases actually. That's probably a good thing, but I really do miss it.

1. Mexican Wedding Cookies, 2. Gingerbread Kids, 3. christmas trees, 4. Cookie Baking Day, 5. baking christmas gingerbread, 6. Baking Christmas Cookies With My Mom, 7. Baking Christmas Cookies With My Mom, 8. Baking Christmas Cookies With My Mom, 9. Advent season - Christmas baking, 10. Christmas baking, 11. Christmas Angel Cookie, 12. Christmas Spice Cookies, 13. Christmas cookies close-up, 14. Gingerbread Snowflakes, 15. Christmas Snowflake Cookies, 16. Christmas Cookies with a twist (3/4)


janel said...

Oh I love the new look, and those cookies are just too scrumptious! I might have to break through my computer screen. Have a great day!

Suzelle said...

Yum :)