Tuesday, December 09, 2008

my first (completed) knitting project

cfinally finished!
Not exactly my first, I have made washcloths and scarfs, but this was my first harder project.

My Mom taught me to knit socks...the old school way with 4 double pointed needles.

I know there are probably faster and easier ways...toe up, two at a time...but this is the only way she'll knit them. Lets just say she's a little stubburn. When I completed the first sock I told her it was a drag to have to start over from the beginning again...wouldnt it be easier to knit them two at a time? No she says, it takes the same amount of time. Just keep going, one at a time, four needles, from the cuff down. Thats how you do it....
Truthfully, the way I do it is I go to Macy's, but just in case I wanted to spend two months and $17.00 for a pair of socks, I guess one at a time, four needles, from the cuff down is how I'd do it.
Mom knits a few pairs of socks every week and sells them at her fiber club sales.

She really really really really loves to knit socks and she wanted to teach me and I love that she taught me. I could have taken a class, but it feels good to know that I learned to knit socks from her. I love that I learned how to make biscotti and gnocchi from my grandma. Those are some of my favorite memories while she was teaching me to cook. Some things are more special knowing when they were taught to you by your Mom or your grandmother.

Funny story about Moms socks... For mothers day I got her some really nice sock yarn like the yarn that I used in this pair that I made. It was about $17.00 for enough to knit a pair of socks. I got her three different color ways. She knit them all of course. Raved about how beautiful they came out and how nice the yarn was to work with...then somehow, she got one pair of them mixed up with the ones she knits and sells through her fiber club.

She accidently mixed up the tags that she put on the sock and the price tag looked like $7.00.She wasnt at the register when some lady came up to purchase them so she didnt catch the error. So not only did she sell the socks she made with my beautiful yarn, she sold them for only $7.
She felt horrible about it and I laughed. I told her thats why I always go to Macy's :-)

Guess what she's getting from me for Christmas? Sock yarn.
She loves it, it makes her happy to knit...and thats all that matters to me.


Sue Thomas said...

Love our socks, Susan! I still haven't ventured into the sock knitting realm but will probably get there someday!

Suzelle said...

Susan...good for you girl !!! LOVE them !!

Melodee said...

That Susan, it s a very special story!

Mo said...

Your socks are so beautiful, Susan! I have not ventured there yet. Those tiny double pointed needles scare me. LOL!!!

Tracy said...

Super Job Susan!!!!