Friday, December 19, 2008


Watching Maci in the snow, pouncing on snowflakes had me laughing all afternoon. She loves it.

I make a snowball and roll it across the lawn and she chases it and pounces on it, thinking its a ball. But then she was so confused when she couldn't find the ball in the snow.

or she'd pick it up and it would fall apart in her mouth.
Finally she learned to be very careful with them as she picked them up.

Snow is the best fun!!!


JENNY B said...

SOOOO ka-ute!!!!!! Our dog Davie loves chasing the snowballs Ian throws for him! Mylee just want to catch the snowflakes-- she thinks they're bugs!

Yolanda said...

It has been ages since I have been here.Too long. I am glad I came by for a visit.

Suzelle said...

She could not be cuter Susan :) Macie girl !!!!!

Sue Thomas said...

This is just toooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill said...

If those aren't the cutest pictures!!! How can you not smile when you see that face????

Tracy said...

love the snow on Macie's lil' face!