Sunday, February 22, 2009


He's back and we couldnt be happier.
Paul even dug his Griffey Jr candy bar out of the back of the freezer...way way back

The date on the back of this yummy bit of a chocolate bar? 1989. really.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making Ebelskiver

Last week I bought the Nordic Ware ebelskiver pan. I didn't need anything fancy, nor did I want to deal with the cast iron pan on my flat top stove. I've never even eaten an Ebelskiver so who knew if Id ever make them a second time ;-)

I did a search of recipes and found that true ebelskiver recipes call for separating the eggs and beating the whites separately and using buttermilk. That's not exactly difficult, but I only had egg beaters and regular milk in the frig, so I decided to just make it easy and go with a regular pancake batter.

It went about like it does when I make pancakes.
The first batch...not enough butter in each well and heat on too high.
Second batch...too much butter in each well and heat on too low.
Third batch...just right

When the butter melted and bubbled, I filled the little well about 2/3 full with pancake batter.
I didn't have the traditional chunky applesauce but I did have chunky peach sauce from Trader Joes, so I put a dab of that in the center of each one.

I waited until they had puffed up and were showing bubbles in the top, just like when making regular pancakes, at which point they were also nicely browned on the bottom, then I turned them using two pointy bamboo kabob skewers. A sprinkle with confectioners sugar and some berries...all set. Paul used some Mrs Butterworths too.
Now that I know how easy they are, I'm anxious to experiment, try adding some chocolate inside each one, or using Cinnamon sugar instead of confectioners and I'd like to try one of the traditional recipes, which I assume will produce a lighter, fluffier pancake.
They were quick, easy, delicious and it was a fun valentines day breakfast.
I definitely plan on making them again

Thursday, February 12, 2009

valentine crafts

I had big plans for making valentines day decorations. In the end, I got only so far before running out of time and energy.
The first project to make was a string of free form hearts...which turned into one heart to hang on a door nob.The second project was really fun. I wanted to use up some of the jars and jars of buttons in my craft room by making a button bouquet. I've seen several different versions of these online.
In the end I just made it up as I went along, combining a little of this and a little of that until it looked just right to me. I'll probably start another one using spring colors. The felt flowers were just free form shapes I cut out of felt and embroidered two layers together. They really help fill out the bouquet much faster than just plain button flowers. Its kind of a fun way to use those really pretty buttons too.

Monday, February 09, 2009

a sweet spot

in my heart and in my tummy
Today is the hubs birthday. Happy birthday to my sweetie heart!

We celebrated Pauls birthday last night with Jaryn and Ethan.
Let me just say this, everyone should always be as excited for a birthday as a four year old. Singing happy birthday and having a piece of birthday cake should always be done with a child in the room because nobody else enjoys it quite the same.
Just watching them be excited triples the fun. Ethan even opened Pauls gifts for him and I think he was really disappointed that poor Papa didnt get any transformers, Iron Man or Batman stuff for his birthday.

And when its time for cake, just go ahead and use your hands. It goes in faster that way

Use both hands, and dont worry about getting a little bit on your face either. You can take care of that later.
It only comes around once a go ahead and enjoy every finger lickin bit of that frosting.

yummy goodness like no other cake...ever! Common Papa! have some cake with me!

but you have to wash your hands before you can get down out of your chair

Happy Birthday to Papa!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

56 years

happy anniversary today to my parents.
56 years and still holding hands :-)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

more shopping

a few weeks ago I found a site called

The cool thing about this site, is that you set up your body shape profile and it suggests things that flatter your shape. It allows you to explore different clothing styles, classic, artistic and so on.
It takes a little while to take all of your measurements and get your profile set up, but once that part is done its really pretty fun. You can shop and buy the items from the site, but Im using more as a tool to know what to look for when Im at the store, and what is a waste of time to try on.
I saved several things to my wishlist, so now when I go shopping I find myself thinking back to my style and the suggestions it made for my shape. I've also noticed certain colors Im attracted to, or how one or two items caught my eye over and over again in different outfits.
You can shop by outfit, or by item. good stuff

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

one or two...

If you wear glasses or contacts, you've gone to the doctor and played this game before.

Its were your shown an image, then another and asked which one is or two.

Im looking to spruce up my spring and summer wordrobe...(hey, I can hope for spring!) and I think I'll try again to add some ballet flats. I say try again because I've tried ballet flats before and I just feel it comes across as looking like too young of a fashion statement, for me.
So, Im looking for something with a little bit more maturity to them, something appropriate for wearing in the office, something fun to wear with jeans or summer skirts and something comfortable.
Im also really into anything grey right now so,
or two?
or two?
All are in the same general price range.
And feel free to say neither if Im totally off base here. Im asking for fashion advice so obviously I have no sense of what looks good or not.
My gut feeling is that two is better from the first group and one and two in the second group are equal as far as maturity level goes.
what do you think?