Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making Ebelskiver

Last week I bought the Nordic Ware ebelskiver pan. I didn't need anything fancy, nor did I want to deal with the cast iron pan on my flat top stove. I've never even eaten an Ebelskiver so who knew if Id ever make them a second time ;-)

I did a search of recipes and found that true ebelskiver recipes call for separating the eggs and beating the whites separately and using buttermilk. That's not exactly difficult, but I only had egg beaters and regular milk in the frig, so I decided to just make it easy and go with a regular pancake batter.

It went about like it does when I make pancakes.
The first batch...not enough butter in each well and heat on too high.
Second batch...too much butter in each well and heat on too low.
Third batch...just right

When the butter melted and bubbled, I filled the little well about 2/3 full with pancake batter.
I didn't have the traditional chunky applesauce but I did have chunky peach sauce from Trader Joes, so I put a dab of that in the center of each one.

I waited until they had puffed up and were showing bubbles in the top, just like when making regular pancakes, at which point they were also nicely browned on the bottom, then I turned them using two pointy bamboo kabob skewers. A sprinkle with confectioners sugar and some berries...all set. Paul used some Mrs Butterworths too.
Now that I know how easy they are, I'm anxious to experiment, try adding some chocolate inside each one, or using Cinnamon sugar instead of confectioners and I'd like to try one of the traditional recipes, which I assume will produce a lighter, fluffier pancake.
They were quick, easy, delicious and it was a fun valentines day breakfast.
I definitely plan on making them again


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Oh man Susan...those looks SOOOO good !!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh YUM! They look DIVINE!!!!!!!

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