Thursday, February 05, 2009

more shopping

a few weeks ago I found a site called

The cool thing about this site, is that you set up your body shape profile and it suggests things that flatter your shape. It allows you to explore different clothing styles, classic, artistic and so on.
It takes a little while to take all of your measurements and get your profile set up, but once that part is done its really pretty fun. You can shop and buy the items from the site, but Im using more as a tool to know what to look for when Im at the store, and what is a waste of time to try on.
I saved several things to my wishlist, so now when I go shopping I find myself thinking back to my style and the suggestions it made for my shape. I've also noticed certain colors Im attracted to, or how one or two items caught my eye over and over again in different outfits.
You can shop by outfit, or by item. good stuff


Jill said...

HOW FUN! I'm gonna remember this one! Love your outfit picks!

Sue Thomas said...

I am going to do this!!!! Now I just need to dig out a tape measure!