Monday, February 09, 2009

a sweet spot

in my heart and in my tummy
Today is the hubs birthday. Happy birthday to my sweetie heart!

We celebrated Pauls birthday last night with Jaryn and Ethan.
Let me just say this, everyone should always be as excited for a birthday as a four year old. Singing happy birthday and having a piece of birthday cake should always be done with a child in the room because nobody else enjoys it quite the same.
Just watching them be excited triples the fun. Ethan even opened Pauls gifts for him and I think he was really disappointed that poor Papa didnt get any transformers, Iron Man or Batman stuff for his birthday.

And when its time for cake, just go ahead and use your hands. It goes in faster that way

Use both hands, and dont worry about getting a little bit on your face either. You can take care of that later.
It only comes around once a go ahead and enjoy every finger lickin bit of that frosting.

yummy goodness like no other cake...ever! Common Papa! have some cake with me!

but you have to wash your hands before you can get down out of your chair

Happy Birthday to Papa!


Tracy said...

What FUN!! Love all the photos of darling Ethan enjoying his cake! What a GREAT family celebration of Paul's BDay :0)

Jill said...

That post is priceless! Both the story and the photos. A scrapbook page in the making!!!

He's such a cutie!

Happy BD to Paul!

Mo said...

LOL!!!! Such FUN photos! And, I agree with you...everyone needs to celebrate a birthday with a little one around. :) Happy Birthday to Paul! :)