Sunday, March 01, 2009

Turning 4

Theres such a difference between turning three and turning four.
I think Ethan really "got it" this year. He has been anxiously awaiting his birthday this year. I dont know if he really got it when he was two, turning three. But he definetly knew what his birthday would bring when he was three, turning four.
Having your birthday means you get to feel super get lots of hugs
You get to open lots and lots of presents and cards....

and I think most exciting, was that everyone sang Happy birthday and he got to blow out 4 big candles.


Tracy said...

His sweet little face all aglow with candlelight while he blows them out is just TOO cute!!

Suzelle said...

He is such a DOLL !!!!!

Jill said...

I simply adore those photos where he's blowing out his candles. I love that can tell by his expression that he knows it's his special day. Happy BD Ethan!