Thursday, April 30, 2009

loved this book...

I read this book while I was on vacation and loved it. I highly recommend Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan if your looking for your next book.
Its an emotional book, which I dont really choose to read when Im on vacation, but it was so good I could not put it down - a little exert from Amazon

"The Middle Place is about calling home. Instinctively. Even when all the paperwork -- a marriage license, a notarized deed, two birth certificates, and seven years of tax returns -- clearly indicates you're an adult, but all the same, there you are, clutching the phone and thanking God that you're still somebody's daughter."

Theres lots more to this story. Like a woman with small children going through breast cancer while her Dad is going through his third bout with his own cancer. I absolutely fell in love with her family stories and the bond she has with her Dad.

She has a website here -
and you can watch a few videos of her reading parts of the book.

or you may have seen her youtube video

but she also has a website
that deals with how you can help a friend who has cancer.

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Sue Thomas said...

Looks like a great book suggestion! I'm going to add it to my GoodReads list!