Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More almonds please

Im so into almonds right now.
This year my buzz word for the year was Less.
The goal was to get away from the diet yoyo and just try to eat healthy and excercise strict diet. No craziness. No stress. Just less.
Mostly less processed foods and more raw, organic and fresh unprocessed stuff.
Almonds are my favorite snack because they are so good, and so good for you.

I bought a huge bag at costco a few weeks before we went on vacation, and I took a baggie full of them with me on the plane. I think I spent the entire week munching on them.
Without getting out of control, Almonds are great to have just before a meal and the added protein really helps with those hunger pangs.
I just found out that their really low in carbs too, and that people with diabetes can make breads or cakes out of almond flour. I'm going to let my dad know that because he really watches his carbs these days.
Lately I've been adding some to my cereal or yogurt in the morning too.
Almonds are definitely a good thing.

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Sue Thomas said...

I try to eat a handful every day! They're usually in with my fruit and yogurt for breakfast!