Sunday, May 24, 2009

Couldnt have been a nicer day

The sun cooperated and so did the Mariners.
The weather was perfect, Griffey hit a home run and the Mariners won.

The seats were pretty good to. We like this spot because it gets lots of foul balls. The seats are in the sun all day and only 15 rows up from the field so you feel up close to the players.

Im not a beer drinker, but the lemonade was pretty tasty.
My only complaint ... the kettle corn guy never came around after the 3rd inning and I really wanted some. I went to go find some and all of the places were sold out :(
So I decided I'd go with a slushy, but that guy never came back around either.
I guess it just wasnt meant to be.
Still, a great way to spend a sunday afternoon

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its been awhile

actually its been 8 months -
not counting the 8/8th or 9/9th.
8 months since I've scrapped a real layout. That's a long dry spell but I finally found the time and had the urge to scrap...both at the same time!!
Yes, the stars have re-aligned and both things happened at the same time. Usually I have the time, but no urge, or the other way around.
I'm just happy to have done something. Not anything overly difficult, but still...very fun to be putting paper and pictures, glue all together again. But in scanning these lumpy bumpy layouts, I remembered what I disliked about scanning layouts...It just takes so long and the colors are all shadowy.
I'm hoping to get plenty of our latest Hawaii vacation pics done before the inspiration wears off again paper ruffles...this time glued into a circle and secured with a button to make a flower.
I should learn to take pictures rather than scan these things.
These were really fun so I expect to be making lots more ruffled flowers

I really got into making paper ruffles. I just gathered it accordion style, then stitched through it.
It really makes the layout bumpy though and hard to scan. It really isn't crooked.

Monday, May 18, 2009

good good fresh fresh

This weekend I was hunting for my mom's birthday present.
There are two sure fire presents that will always make this woman happy...yarn and kitchen gadgets. Since the last two gifts I've given her were yarn, we went for the kitchen gadget this go round.
This weekend we experienced our first 70+ degree weekend...and so the choice was made for a good ice cream maker. I choose this Cuisinart one because the reviews said that it had a good strong motor, and of course because its easy...just freeze the inside canister for 24 hours, mix up your fresh ingredients and turn it on...20-30 minutes later you have good fresh ice cream.
Since nothing makes me more happy than ice cream, and because it looks like so much fun to try different combinations, I couldn't resist getting one for Paul and I too. I cant wait to try it out using all kinds of fresh ingredients. I've read some yummy recipes like lemon custard, Cinnamon walnut rum, pumpkin, green tea, not to mention endless varieties of chocolate, heath bar and chocolate. Im excited to try making some sorbet or gelato.
I read this is the ultimate book for ice cream recipes, so I'll be picking up one of these soon

Friday, May 15, 2009

smell the flowers

Last week I brought home a few flowers for the various pots around the back deck.
I sat the flat of flowers on the porch until I could get to them. As soon as Macie saw them there she pounced on them.
I'm not exaggerating when I say she spent at least 5 minutes sniffing each and every flower.
She sniffed the tops of the flowers, she sniffed the bottom of the flowers. She smelled each and every leaf.
She must think that flowers smell better than anything she's ever smelled before. She had her face totally buried in the flowers trying to get to the ones in the center of the box...I could see her eyes close and she just continued enjoying them.

It's been a long winter...we all need to stop and smell the flowers

Saturday, May 09, 2009

relax the back

Last week after Jennifers back surgery I went looking for a chair for her to sit in. Nothing she had in her apartment was going to work while she recovered. I had a few requirements. First, I didnt want to spend much. I considered patio furniture. I looked at a fairly comfortable patio chair for $27.00
I also considered an office chair for $50. I even considered taking her an extra one that I have in my scraproom.
I decided to take a look at the Goodwill Store. You never know what you'll find.
I just hoped for something that was clean and not torn, not a gross color fabric, something not too big because she didnt have a lot of extra room, and mostly, something that would not cost a fortune.
What I didnt hope to find was a recliner.
What I really didnt hope to find was a smaller recliner.
Nor did I hope to find one that matched her sofa
But thats what I found....and it was $19.95