Monday, May 18, 2009

good good fresh fresh

This weekend I was hunting for my mom's birthday present.
There are two sure fire presents that will always make this woman happy...yarn and kitchen gadgets. Since the last two gifts I've given her were yarn, we went for the kitchen gadget this go round.
This weekend we experienced our first 70+ degree weekend...and so the choice was made for a good ice cream maker. I choose this Cuisinart one because the reviews said that it had a good strong motor, and of course because its easy...just freeze the inside canister for 24 hours, mix up your fresh ingredients and turn it on...20-30 minutes later you have good fresh ice cream.
Since nothing makes me more happy than ice cream, and because it looks like so much fun to try different combinations, I couldn't resist getting one for Paul and I too. I cant wait to try it out using all kinds of fresh ingredients. I've read some yummy recipes like lemon custard, Cinnamon walnut rum, pumpkin, green tea, not to mention endless varieties of chocolate, heath bar and chocolate. Im excited to try making some sorbet or gelato.
I read this is the ultimate book for ice cream recipes, so I'll be picking up one of these soon


Suzelle said...

FUN Susan. I'd be all over that Heath Bar recipe. How about Almond Joy ???

Tracy said...

I love my little ice cream maker...this post reminds me that I need to get part of it into the freezer again in order to use it.

Mo said...

Oh, that is such a cool gift Susan, no pun intended. ;) Let us know how it tastes. :)