Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its been awhile

actually its been 8 months -
not counting the 8/8th or 9/9th.
8 months since I've scrapped a real layout. That's a long dry spell but I finally found the time and had the urge to scrap...both at the same time!!
Yes, the stars have re-aligned and both things happened at the same time. Usually I have the time, but no urge, or the other way around.
I'm just happy to have done something. Not anything overly difficult, but still...very fun to be putting paper and pictures, glue all together again. But in scanning these lumpy bumpy layouts, I remembered what I disliked about scanning layouts...It just takes so long and the colors are all shadowy.
I'm hoping to get plenty of our latest Hawaii vacation pics done before the inspiration wears off again paper ruffles...this time glued into a circle and secured with a button to make a flower.
I should learn to take pictures rather than scan these things.
These were really fun so I expect to be making lots more ruffled flowers

I really got into making paper ruffles. I just gathered it accordion style, then stitched through it.
It really makes the layout bumpy though and hard to scan. It really isn't crooked.


Reen said...

It's like you never stopped scrapping! Totally gorgeous layouts Susan!!

Suzelle said...

WOOHOO......these are awesome Susan !!!!!

BTW....I've had one of those pineapple drinks and they are some serious pineapple goodness :)

Maria said...

Pure goodness Susan! Love these beautiful colors! :D

Thanks for the happy post. Just brought a smile to my face.

I haven't scrapped in a while either(unless ATCs count.) But I can't wait to get my groove back sometime soon. Glad to see you have gotten back into it :D

Tracy said... photos & scrapping too!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Love your tropical style, Susan!!! Wonderful pages!!!!!!

Jill said...

You are a scrapping queen! Those layouts make me want to play with paper right this very minute. I'm gonna try some of those ruffle flowers...they are just too cute. Love each and every one of those layouts...pure eye candy! Congrats for digging into those hawaii pics while the memory is still fresh. Keep em coming!!!

Mo said...

OH SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are AMAZING! LOVE the tropical summer colors and your photos are OUTSTANDING!!!! Makes me long for Miami. :)