Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marketing day

My blog has been sorely neglected.
Im not giving up on myself though. It will still be here when I have the time, any anything noteworthy to share. Summers are like that. Lots to do.
I did want to share our first farmers market of the season. A few weeks ago we took the day off and headed to the Ballard Market.
Ballard is a very small funky artsy neighborhood in Seattle. The market is one of the best known in the city, although its pretty small. Its does offer some fun and unusual stuff.
I love these old buildings.
I use to work just on the other side of lake union so we went there for lunch often. I've never walked around this part of Ballard though. The buildings are just beautiful
The food is good too. As the summer gets into full swing, there will be more vendors.

We plan to go to lots of farmers markets this summer. We want to find a few new ones, along with our old favorites. Ballard Market will be one I want to come to again.


Suzelle said...

This looks so cool Susan !! I LOVE farmers markets :)

Tracy said...

I'm glad you aren't giving up on your neglected blog'!

You have the MOST wonderful POSTS!!

I think the buildings, shops & food carts look SO FUN to really makes me want to book a trip to your area.

Jill said...

you guys always do such fun things! Love your pics of the buildings....great composition skills going on there!