Thursday, July 30, 2009

build your own kit challenge

Remember a few weeks back when I pulled a scrapbook "kit" out of my own stash?

Well, because of the heat I haven't been able to spend much time in my scraproom. Its sweltering hot up there. I was only able to complete one layout from my kit but that's one I wouldn't have done without this challenge.
I plan on getting back to the table real soon to create a few more layouts and a few cards with the kit I put together. And, this was so much fun I plan on pulling another "kit" when I'm done with this one. I really enjoyed it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

On my back patio..

This afternoon I was sitting on the back patio, sipping on a SanPellegrino Limonata and watching Paul hang my new sling chair. Usually we spend the weekends running around or working in the yard. Its nice to just sit and enjoy sometimes, so thats what I planned on doing today.

Macie was playing with a huge ice block I froze for her in a half gallon milk carton. I was noticing the fushia starts that I had planted in June have filled out nicely.

I dont think my fushia has ever been so full and pretty as it is this year. Im really enjoying the red color. Usually I buy pink. I did put pink in the urns that are on the steps and I really like how they've filled the pot. I've never put fushia's in these pots before, but I like the way they turned out.
all the flower pots seem to be doing well this year. The micro drip watering really helps I think.

This is what I enjoy about lazy Sunday afternoons...taking time to sit back, notice and just enjoy.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cabin work party

Today was the planned work party at the cabin.
We had 9 people show up with gloves, clippers and assorted other tools.
Here's some before and afters
Before And after Before --- After-----Back side of the cabin- Before-

and back side of the cabin after --

Trial before -

Trail after -
There was a deck outside this slider but it had rotted through so my SIL and Paul knocked it down.

While we were all cutting and tearing down outside, Mom gave the inside a good vacuum and dusting and the little kitchen got a cleaning.
Next time I go over I'm taking down the curtains and bringing them home with me for washing, maybe I'll just sew up some new ones.

the shells got dusted and returned to the window sill
We got it all done in 5 hours.
and my old bones are feeling every minute of it tonight....but it feels good too.
Its the first of many cleaning and repairing trips, but it was a really good start.

make your own kit

Trying to get our scrap mojo flowing after a long dry spell, a few scrapbooking friends and I are building our own scrap kits. I was thinking about how tempted I am to buy into some of the scrapbooking kits because they make everything look so fun since its all coordinated. But, I know how much stuff I already have that I really want to use. So we decided to make our own kits from already purchased stuff.
The challenge was to pull 4 peices of cardstock, 4 patterned paper, maybe one specialty paper and an assortment of embellies, maybe a stamp, some ribbon, stickers...what have you.
The theme is summer.
This week we were putting together our kits, next week we'll be posting what we've created from it.
So, here's my kit.
I have no idea if I'll use all this stuff, or how many layouts/cards I will create out of it...but its kind of fun to see things I've had for awhile all put together like this.

Next weekend I'll be posting what I've made out of it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Right here in my cupboards.
They use to be filled with Bistro white plates, bowls and cups. I like how they looked, very crisp, very clean . . .and very boring.
So, after three years with white white and more white, Im ready for color color and more color.
So, today I removed the white and filled the cupboards with colors.
These make me happy every time I open the cupboard doors...
and I have opened the cupboard door at least 6 times since I put them away this afternoon.
Everytime I walk by, I open, close it and move on. stuff.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Paul says...

at least its not a flamingo :-)
He just kept saying...oh my god. Seriously?
Aside from the pots full of petunias and hanging baskets of fuchsias, there's not a lot of color in the backyard. I pulled the color from the petunias and painted an old bird feeder very berry.
This thing is about 15 years old and was destined for the junkyard anyway so I didn't have much to lose.

Like Jenny B said...this color just makes me happy. It needs a few more flowers around its base now, so excuse the dirt and rocks
I think I just may get another few summers (and winters) out of it yet...don't you think it will look pretty in the winter covered in snow too!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

totally random

It always makes me smile to see the fir on the top of Macies lip tucked inside her mouth.
I just think those are some really cute black lips...Like I said, totally random