Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cabin work party

Today was the planned work party at the cabin.
We had 9 people show up with gloves, clippers and assorted other tools.
Here's some before and afters
Before And after Before --- After-----Back side of the cabin- Before-

and back side of the cabin after --

Trial before -

Trail after -
There was a deck outside this slider but it had rotted through so my SIL and Paul knocked it down.

While we were all cutting and tearing down outside, Mom gave the inside a good vacuum and dusting and the little kitchen got a cleaning.
Next time I go over I'm taking down the curtains and bringing them home with me for washing, maybe I'll just sew up some new ones.

the shells got dusted and returned to the window sill
We got it all done in 5 hours.
and my old bones are feeling every minute of it tonight....but it feels good too.
Its the first of many cleaning and repairing trips, but it was a really good start.


Suzelle said...

Holy Cow !!!!!!! It looks like a different place Susan !! How fun to start creating new memories in this sweet cabin :)

Suzanne said...

How lovely to get together with your family to work on the cabin. And what a transformation!

Sharon said...

It must be so rewarding! Looking good. :)

Jill said...

WOW! Such a transformation in one day! I love work and productive both at the same time. It's a really cute place!

JENNY B said...

SUsan! It looks great!!

Tracy said...

That's an UNBELIEVABLE amount of work you got done in 1 day!!!

You must feel better now that the neglect that tore at your heart has been given this little bandaide!

It brings tears to my eyes to see you bring family together for a common purpose like this!

Good Going Girl!!!