Sunday, July 26, 2009

On my back patio..

This afternoon I was sitting on the back patio, sipping on a SanPellegrino Limonata and watching Paul hang my new sling chair. Usually we spend the weekends running around or working in the yard. Its nice to just sit and enjoy sometimes, so thats what I planned on doing today.

Macie was playing with a huge ice block I froze for her in a half gallon milk carton. I was noticing the fushia starts that I had planted in June have filled out nicely.

I dont think my fushia has ever been so full and pretty as it is this year. Im really enjoying the red color. Usually I buy pink. I did put pink in the urns that are on the steps and I really like how they've filled the pot. I've never put fushia's in these pots before, but I like the way they turned out.
all the flower pots seem to be doing well this year. The micro drip watering really helps I think.

This is what I enjoy about lazy Sunday afternoons...taking time to sit back, notice and just enjoy.


JENNY B said...

Susan! your flowers are gorgeous!!!! love Macy in the pool--cute cute!

Suzelle said...

:) ....sweet !!

Tracy said...

Susan~your fuchsias are fabulous!

That is probably my FAVORITE flower, as it brings back all my fondest childhood memories. (We lived in the desert & now I live where it's too hot to grow them as an adult too, but) My grandmother always had them hanging from her patio. you know how to make ballerinas out of them?

We were allowed 1 each visit!