Sunday, November 01, 2009

what extra hour of sleep?

Macie doesnt have a reset button, so she woke up at her same time... only today it was an hour earlier ... thats just great.
On a normal weekend she wakes us up between 6 and 7. Today it was between 5 and 6.
Daylight savings time should be abolished. really.
What is the point anyway?
I really dislike going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.
Way to make a bad season even worse.


Sharon said...

you're funny ;)

Jill said...

How could you possibly be upset with that mug? I hate daylight savings too....cept for the fact that I can put my jammies on sooner!

Mo said...

ahahhaaaaa. I agree. What's the point of daylight savings time!? We should move to AZ. They don't have it there. ;)

Tracy said...

Susan, I couldn't agree with you more...and I'm just like Macy & woke up an hour early this whole week was annoying as all heck. I hope next week I've adjusted to the new scheduled?

Sue Thomas said...

We have the same issue at our house!