Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's going to get chilly around here

Maybe I should pick up a few of those snuggies because it looks like the furnace will need to be replaced....At this point its shut off completely.
It's possible that we could just have it serviced, but at this point we've decided to just replace it. Its old and its ready to go...

From what the repair company tells us, it'll be a week before they can get out here to install the new one. Being that is January...well, lets just pray for mild temps.
In the meantime, this little guy is our source of heat. Thankfully it pumps out the heat and warms up the whole house almost as fast as our old furnace did.

The only bummer is that the house is going to be cold cold cold when we get home from work in the evenings. Poor Macie.
Come to think of it, maybe I just better pick up a snuggie for her too, and put it on her before we leave for work :)

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Tracy said...

I'm sure glad to hear your furnace is fixed now! (& the cold-snuggie attire is no longer necessary) What a relief!