Sunday, January 17, 2010

something new

Paul and I love to eat out, but it seems like we always go to the same places. This year we decided to start something to shake thinks up a little and add a little fun. Each month we are going try a new restaurant. It can be anywhere within a days drive, and it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.
I got to pick the January restaurant.

I picked a new restaurant that just opened last October called Boom Noodle in Bellevue. Funny name, but we learned that in Japan there is a popular term "my boom" that means the thing I am currently obsessed with.  They serve all kinds of soups, noodles, wok stir fry's and small plates. I picked it because we really enjoy Pho, japanese food and because it is right in Bellevue Square, and I had two Potterybarn gift certificates to, food + shopping= a good day.
The decore was nice, although kind of sparse, but in a hip and kinda cool way, with big posters behind the bar and lots of fun hanging lights.

To start off we had some fresh spring rolls and Ahi Tuna tacos. We both loved the Ahi poke tacos since we're huge Ahi Poke fans. Ahi poke is raw tuna in a sesame oil, with some seaweed and other spices. It is delicious! These little mini tacos were in crisp shells with shredded carrot which added a crunchy sweetness. The sauce was too spicy for me, but Im a spicy wimp. Don't care for spicy, no thank you. But the tacos alone were perfect

I had Coconut Chicken Curry. It was spicy, but not too spicy.  Probably not my favorite thing ever, but it was good.
Not sure I'd have it again if I went back so I'd probably rate it as a 2.5 on a scale of 1-5

Paul had Tokyo Ramen.  It was braised pork, tamago (egg), bamboo shoots, green onion, soy seasoned chicken pork broth.

On a scale of 1-5, he says he rates it a 4. Really...a 4? I cant imagine, but he is easy to please, I guess.

As a first effort, it was a fun choice. Im sure we'll go back again.
Next month, Paul's choice. We'll see where he decides to take us.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

a new favorite

Macie gets a new toy almost every weekend... she really has too many toys, but its so fun to see her with a new one we can never resist another trip to the pet store to see whats new. Although she has her old favorites, she loves every new one we buy her right away, and she will play with them for weeks before moving on to a new one.
Then from time to time she will dig around in her toy box just like a little kid, finding an older toy that she hasn't seen for awhile, and play with it all afternoon. And she'll drive you nuts bringing it to you so you'll play with her.
Thankfully she also does well playing with them on her own, pushing them back and forth across the floor.
The best ones squeak. Most of the older ones have broken squeakers.
So, no surprise that for Christmas Santa brought her two new toys, a frog and a fuzzy blue octopus. I knew as soon as I saw the octopus in a doggie "boutique", that this toy would turn out to be a favorite for a long time, and I was right.
I could tell it would last beyond the week. Its not sewn, its actually knitted so she cant pull it apart. The eyes of the octopus are knitted in, so they cant be pulled off. The squeaker is super heavy duty, so she wont pop it with her sharp teeth. And she loves it.
She rolls around with it in her paws, holding it like a baby holds a bottle. 
She carries it with her to bed each night and its the first one she grabs in the morning.
I dont mind buying toys for her when she loves them this much.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Holiday Amaryllis

Ethan and I planted this Amaryllis just after Halloween.
He was so surprised when he saw the big stem growing on Christmas Eve, and the flowers hadn't even started to open yet.
He came running into the kitchen and said...Nana!!!! come see!  Close your eyes! Then he led me by the hand into the front room to where the flower pot was. I had to keep my eyes closed until he said SURPRISE! and I had to pretend like I was astounded that our flower was so big.
It was pretty fun to see his amazement in what our ugly bulb had grown into so quickly. I love teaching him how to grow things and growing this huge Amaryllis was a really fun thing to start him out with...maybe this summer we can grow some carrots or something.
The bulb is the size of a very large grapefruit, and if you've ever grown one you know it grows about 2 inches a day.
We bought this one from a grower who was selling them at the holiday food and gift festival, and she assured me these were very healthy bulbs that would grow huge blooms year after year.
Year after year? I never knew you could regrow them. I have grown them before, but always tossed them after the holidays.
This one has two stems with flowers on them and the first flower opened on new years day.
Its about 3 feet tall so Ethan and I inserted a heavy dowel into the pot when we planted it.

Each stem has four flowers on it and so far two of the flowers on the largest stem have opened.
I hope Ethan gets over here really soon to see the flowers that we planted...and I cant wait to see if I can actually regrow this bulb next year