Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Holiday Amaryllis

Ethan and I planted this Amaryllis just after Halloween.
He was so surprised when he saw the big stem growing on Christmas Eve, and the flowers hadn't even started to open yet.
He came running into the kitchen and said...Nana!!!! come see!  Close your eyes! Then he led me by the hand into the front room to where the flower pot was. I had to keep my eyes closed until he said SURPRISE! and I had to pretend like I was astounded that our flower was so big.
It was pretty fun to see his amazement in what our ugly bulb had grown into so quickly. I love teaching him how to grow things and growing this huge Amaryllis was a really fun thing to start him out with...maybe this summer we can grow some carrots or something.
The bulb is the size of a very large grapefruit, and if you've ever grown one you know it grows about 2 inches a day.
We bought this one from a grower who was selling them at the holiday food and gift festival, and she assured me these were very healthy bulbs that would grow huge blooms year after year.
Year after year? I never knew you could regrow them. I have grown them before, but always tossed them after the holidays.
This one has two stems with flowers on them and the first flower opened on new years day.
Its about 3 feet tall so Ethan and I inserted a heavy dowel into the pot when we planted it.

Each stem has four flowers on it and so far two of the flowers on the largest stem have opened.
I hope Ethan gets over here really soon to see the flowers that we planted...and I cant wait to see if I can actually regrow this bulb next year


Maria said...

I love, love, love your Amaryllis! Gorgeous shots you took, too! Happy New Year my friend.

Oh, and I absolutely adore your bokeh photo/banner. Awesome!!!

Suzelle said...

Oh my gosh.....that is GORGEOUS !!!

Tracy said...

Lovely! & it's completely SWEET that you did that with Ethan too. :o)