Friday, February 19, 2010

cyber shopping

Im so glad that HGTV has picked up the canadian show, Sarah's House. 
Its one of my favorite shows of the week. I recently did some digging and found they have been showing Sarah's house in Canada for two seasons now. The third season starts in March and they are doing a farmhouse. I cant wait!
But, in Season two, one of the episodes was on the bathroom. Sarah did the bathroom in grey/white with my favorite marble countertop and floors.  She had this mirror over the vanity... Im in love!
Its called the Cyrus Mirror. Sadly I found that it use to be available at Target of all places.  Wish I would have picked it up from Target. But, I found it at Neiman for $199.00.
I think it makes an awesome statement so I think I need to order this for our master bath remodel.
While I was cyber shopping at Neiman Marcus I found some other cute things...then I found them both on
Did you know you could buy a soft serve ice cream maker?
In pink?
that little thing on the side is a condiment dispenser, for sprinkles :)
I think its on sale for $100. at Neiman

and how cute is this bento lunchpail?  very cute, I think. I have a thing for lunchpails since I take my lunch every day. I like to have a lot of them, just to keep it from getting boring. This ones called the Vivo Lunchbox and its only $20


Anonymous said...

That mirror is awesome!!!

Suzelle said...

FUN stuff Susan. That mirror rocks !!

I've never heard of Sarah's House. I am an HGTV junkie...I'll have to find it :)

Mo said...

LOVE LOVE that Bento box, Susan. I must own it!!!! I love Sarah's house. I never miss an episode. :)