Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I probably should have done this blog post in December, or just after the new year but I never got around to it. Its about resolutions, or lack there of.  I don’t necessarily make New Year’s resolutions, but a few years ago I started choosing one word to focus on throughout the year. The chosen word sort of helps guide decisions about just about everything during the year, so it needs to be pretty general and so I can apply it to whatever is going on at the time. Each year I think I’ve been pretty successful with my words, much better than I think I would have been with specific resolutions and I guess thats partly because the words I've chosen are pretty general. The words are more of a guide than a specific goal. I cant tell you how often when Im trying to make a decsion, the word pops into my head and I instantly know what I should do. Pretty cool the way that works.

Two words I’ve used in the past were Simplify and Less. Similar words but I think I really tried to use them consistently through the year. Whenever I wavered, I just errored on the side of less...
and I think we made pretty good progress cleaning out and getting rid of a lot of old stuff. We’re not done, by any means, but we had a huge garage sale last summer and at the end of it, nothing came back into the garage. Paul called a guy and they came out and picked up everything that was left over at the end of the day. This year we’ve dug a little deeper into the closets and shelves and we have even more stuff to haul away. We even sent 15 pairs of shoes to Haiti. That made some room and felt pretty good at the same time!
This month we switched the guest room and the craft room and I really tried to use the move to clear away as much stuff as possible, resulting in several trips to the dumps and the goodwill. Still a work in progress but I think a couple huge pushes and we’ll feel a lot better about our efforts.

This year’s chosen word is FOCUS.
Focus on the projects and get them completed. Focus on our life, our home, our family, our relationship, our hobbies, and on our diet.
That’s a lot to focus on. I hope I do as well this year as last year.

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