Monday, February 01, 2010

This was a "one of these days" weekend ....

I got so much done last weekend and it really does feel great to have made some progress on a few projects along that have been on my "someday I really want to get that done" list. I tend to let things build up over time, then dive in with both feet, much to the annoyance of PW. He likes advance warning when Im going to tear up the house.
I have wanted to move my scraproom into the larger of our two extra bedrooms for quite some time. When I first began scrapping, the smaller room was just fine. But then, as we all know, it just grows and grows. Before long my little room was overflowing and driving me crazy, to the point where I had no room to move, much less put things away.  Besides scrapping this room holds all of my many hobbies, including sewing and knitting and its the home for my treadmill as well.
There is a LOT of stuff in that room, and it was making me crazy.

Right next door to it is a spare bedroom that sits virtually empty save for a few times a year when Jennifer comes to visit. It was a waste of precious real estate I could be putting to much better use.
It would be wonderful if there was enough room to just move everything at the same time, but we had to do this move in stages, first moving the larger items one at a time swapping space for space...then moving the small items.
Also, my 4 bazillion pound desk had to be disassembled moved and reassembled with the help of PW, which he wasn't too happy about...but he got over it.
It doesnt look that heavy here, but let me just say that its solid wood butcher block, 6 feet long and 4 feet deep with heavy steel support legs and a shelf under it held on by about 40 hefty screws. This is an industrial workbench that Paul brought home from work one day because they were throwing it away. We sanded the top and sprayed the steel grey legs black. It makes a perfect scrap table, as long as you dont have to ever move it. Seriously, I cannot even lift a corner of it off the ground but maybe a half inch or so.
Eventually we got it moved then I started piling it up with stuff..
I got about this far before I decided I wanted to paint the wall back there. I knew PW would NOT be happy if I asked him to help move this again, so on Friday afternoon I moved it myself, painted the wall, then moved it all back.

There happened to be some IKEA floating shelves right above the desk that will work perfect for holding buttons, paint and all kinds of baskets full of stuff.
This corner doesn't look all that bad, but trust me when I say this is the neat corner...You should see the other side of the room...Im embarrased to photograph it. What a mess.
To save my our backs I stopped off at Linens and Things and picked up some of those Sliders. You place them under furniture and things glide easily on really helped me move that desk and this monster of a treadmill all by myself, and the Ikea bookcase with some help from PW, for help steering aournd the corners.

Now that everything is in the right room I can start organizing it and putting it away, but it already feels so much roomier.
The extra bedroom is pretty much put together now, and I have found the top of my scrap desk again.
I put the bulk of the things away, but one side of the room is piled with rubbermaid totes filled with stuff Im not so sure I need to keep. I'll be going through those totes, purging as I go.
Eventually I'd like to make the closet into a sewing table with shelves for storage. I guess thats a new item on my "someday Im going to get this done" list.

Not to leave any room out from my plan of destruction, I got my paintbrush and painted the accent walls under the kitchen cabinets and behind the stove while PW watched Transformer 2 on Saturday evening. The paint is Valspar Gypsy Leather and we think it looks really good with the lighter maple cabinets and dark countertop.

Our plan is to finally install that tile backsplash you see leaning up against the wall there. We remodeled our kitchen about 10 years ago and I've finally found some tile that goes with our countertops. But first we wanted to paint the walls. So, now two of the three walls in the kitchen have this lovely Milk Chocolate color on them.
So thats a few "someday we need to get this done" projects completed.


Anonymous said...

You, my dear, are a stud. Seriously, GO YOU!!!! And telling PW in advance about home destruction/repair? Nah. Don't do it. Keep the man guessing :)

Looks awesome! Happy scrapping to you VERY SOON and I totally agree about the kitchen color. PERFECT!


Tracy said...

Susan, I LOVE the tile you pick for your backsplash...Wow, so pretty!!!

Mo said...

That backsplash will look gorgeous in your already beautiful kitchen!!!