Sunday, March 28, 2010

my secret addiction

is this site...

I can surf this site forever, just gawking at food.
Its where I go to find new recipes or just find something to make for dinner. But, I could just look at pictures and read recipes for hours.
I'll warn you, once you start its hard to stop....

recently I found its sister site
When I first spotted this I was excited because I thought this was crafty stuff you could make, but actually this is mostly etsy shops, but its still lots of fun to surf.

good stuff

Friday, March 26, 2010

lets go shopping at one of my favorite places

Does anyone not enjoy shopping at Cost Plus?  I think its the most fun place.
I never come out empty handed and can always find a cute birthday present, something special for the house or for dinner. Love the fun jewlery, wall art, dinnerware....its where I get all my placemats and napkins.

Its the best place to find stocking stuffers at Christmas time, but I just picked up some great easter basket stuffers too. Have you tried salted dark chocolate?  its awesome!

One of these days Im going to pick up a bottle of this wine. I admit, I buy wine by the cuteness of the labels, and this one is super cute
Its a great place to stock up on great ethnic food...I found a lot of new things I want to try 

and these cute coffee cups!

I love cost plus furniture because they always have something different, but they seem to have furniture that fits the size of my house too. My house isnt large so most furniture is just too big. Its well built too. We got our kitchen island from Cost Plus and I love that thing.  Right now there's a dining table that I think will fit our formal dining area perfectly. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

its going to be a big week around the wyno household

because after years of wanting, we're finally getting new carpet throughout the house.
The carpet sample on the bottom left is the carpet we had put in the family room a few years ago.
I love the color and texture in that room.
We didn't want to match this texture or color in the rest of the house, but we wanted it to blend.This carpet has a little dot in the pattern and I think it will look really pretty. My brother had something similar installed in his house and I always loved it.
Its hard to remember which one it was, but Im pretty sure it was the second row up from the bottom, second one to the right of the family room sample.
Installers will be here on Tuesday so the weekend will be spent moving all the furniture, a task Im not looking forward to, but it will be so worth it when its done.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I havent done a mosaic flickr favorites in awhile but I was brousing flickr today and was just so inspired by white. I am usually a color lover, but lately I've really been enjoying white.
Not just plain white white, but off whites, neutrals like cream, blush, grey, tan.
Color, when added to a neutral base just pops.
It seems so peaceful and soft...restful on your senses. Cool, but warm. Clean, but cozy.
click on the picture to get a better view of these cute chicks and the bunny-so cute

Friday, March 05, 2010

For once Im glad i didn't throw something away

These old wooden croquet balls have been out in our old shed for about 10 years now.
Some of the mallets were broken and Im sure most of the wickets are gone too.
Everything in that old shed was destined for the dump because we want to tear it down.
Unfortunately we never got it all the way cleaned out last summer like we intended to, but one day I started working on it and I came across this old croquet set. It brought back some fond memories of killer croquet games we use to have in the back yard and at the cabin. The truck was full so these got left in the shed for another trip. Today Im so happy that they did.

A few months ago a picture in a magazine made me think of those old wooden croquet balls out in the shed. Since then I've been itching for a nice enough day to trek down to the back of the yard and pull them out of there. Today I made the trek. I washed them off and put them in this bowl on the table. I love the colors and I also love that they make me think of summer BBQ's at the cabin.
I think I want to get an old wire basket to keep them in.
For now, Im just happy these didn't make it into the truck last summer

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

for Ramona...

Ramona asked me to post pictures of the jars I have with lids. She is re-decorating her kitchen and it is so bright and fresh. She filled a tall jar with lemons and limes.  I got these two apothecary Jars at Ross for under $10. each and I love them. 
They're both really big.  The squatty round one I think is called a french apothecary jar and it is about 15" tall and the tall one is about 18" tall.
At the moment one is filled with green things and the other is filled with lemons and leaves.
I think I'll change up what I fill them with, maybe pinecones, apples and pears for fall, or a birds nest for spring.
Please disregard the dust... :)