Wednesday, March 03, 2010

for Ramona...

Ramona asked me to post pictures of the jars I have with lids. She is re-decorating her kitchen and it is so bright and fresh. She filled a tall jar with lemons and limes.  I got these two apothecary Jars at Ross for under $10. each and I love them. 
They're both really big.  The squatty round one I think is called a french apothecary jar and it is about 15" tall and the tall one is about 18" tall.
At the moment one is filled with green things and the other is filled with lemons and leaves.
I think I'll change up what I fill them with, maybe pinecones, apples and pears for fall, or a birds nest for spring.
Please disregard the dust... :)


Tracy said...


Mo said...

Oh, Susan!!!! Your jars look so beautiful!!! LOVE how you accented with them!!! You have given me more ideas. Thank you so much!!!

Suzelle said...

Really cool Susan !!!!