Friday, March 26, 2010

lets go shopping at one of my favorite places

Does anyone not enjoy shopping at Cost Plus?  I think its the most fun place.
I never come out empty handed and can always find a cute birthday present, something special for the house or for dinner. Love the fun jewlery, wall art, dinnerware....its where I get all my placemats and napkins.

Its the best place to find stocking stuffers at Christmas time, but I just picked up some great easter basket stuffers too. Have you tried salted dark chocolate?  its awesome!

One of these days Im going to pick up a bottle of this wine. I admit, I buy wine by the cuteness of the labels, and this one is super cute
Its a great place to stock up on great ethnic food...I found a lot of new things I want to try 

and these cute coffee cups!

I love cost plus furniture because they always have something different, but they seem to have furniture that fits the size of my house too. My house isnt large so most furniture is just too big. Its well built too. We got our kitchen island from Cost Plus and I love that thing.  Right now there's a dining table that I think will fit our formal dining area perfectly. 


Suzelle said...

YES.....I LOVE Cost plus !!!!!!

And.....yes......salted chocolate is AMAZING !!!!!

Suzanne said...

Looks like a fab shop :)

Sue Thomas said...

We used to have that store in Minnesota but they all closed last year. Sad, sad, sad....

Tracy said...

I <3 Cost Plus too & am a 'regular' there!

Mo said...

Waaaah! We don't have that store here in NY. But maybe that is a good thing. LOL!