Friday, March 05, 2010

For once Im glad i didn't throw something away

These old wooden croquet balls have been out in our old shed for about 10 years now.
Some of the mallets were broken and Im sure most of the wickets are gone too.
Everything in that old shed was destined for the dump because we want to tear it down.
Unfortunately we never got it all the way cleaned out last summer like we intended to, but one day I started working on it and I came across this old croquet set. It brought back some fond memories of killer croquet games we use to have in the back yard and at the cabin. The truck was full so these got left in the shed for another trip. Today Im so happy that they did.

A few months ago a picture in a magazine made me think of those old wooden croquet balls out in the shed. Since then I've been itching for a nice enough day to trek down to the back of the yard and pull them out of there. Today I made the trek. I washed them off and put them in this bowl on the table. I love the colors and I also love that they make me think of summer BBQ's at the cabin.
I think I want to get an old wire basket to keep them in.
For now, Im just happy these didn't make it into the truck last summer


Suzelle said...

How stinkin' CUTE is that :)

Tracy said...

How Cheery!
...Oooh, an old wire basket would be so wonderful...happy hunting ;o)

Sue Thomas said...

They are fabulous, Susan!!!

Mo said...

They look so pretty, Susan. I am glad you didn't throw them out either.