Sunday, April 11, 2010

hello cupcake

two posts in one day... guess you can tell Im catching up today.

After years of wanting to stop by this little cupcake shop in downtown Tacoma, we finally took the time to find it a few weeks ago.
I've been a "fan" of the shop on facebook for quite some time so I always get their updates for the different special cupcakes they come out with. The pink bike out front is one of my favorite parts of the shop.

...and I couldn't leave without one of their logo mugs. We got one for my sister in law too. I think she'll really like it. She wanted to visit the shop too, but wasn't with us when we went, so she'll have to settle for the cute mug this time.

love love love this chandelier. Would not love to clean the crystals though.

three lemons and one carrot cake.


Tracy said...

Waaahhh...I'm jealous! FUN-ness with the pink bike, mug, & for sure, a cupcake to go!

Suzelle said...

Oh how FUN !!! Love your lemon choice :)

I think I would have to leave with one of those coffe mugs too !!!

Mo said...

OH MY!!!! I am so jealous!!! I wish I could visit there. I have their cupcake book tho. You are so lucky!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Oh what a cute shop, Susan!!! That light fixture is to die for (and so is a lemon cupcake)!!!!!