Sunday, June 27, 2010

an early birthday present

Paul got my birthday present early so I could enjoy it during our vacation. 
I loved the packaging on the kindle box...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Decorating inspiration

I realize this post doesnt interest anyone but me, but as I find decorating inspiration I like to deposit them here so I can find them later. We have a ton of projects we're working on around the house so I've been seeking inspiration online and found some decorating inspiration I want to add to my saved files. Saves having to buy the magazine then figure out where to save all those torn out pages.
Not that my family room looks anything like these rooms, its the color and accesories I want to remember.  Both photo's come from country living magazine. These summery looks will go well with our denim blue sofa. I like the rattan shades and blue prints, and the green pillow adds that little bit of color to mix it up. Those big blue lamps are awesome.

I love this coffee table. For some reason Im always attracted to coffee tables with wheels. If I only I could find a big basket like this one...and the lamp. Love that

I have found a great place to download picture of to print and frame. Vintage Printables is a free website with all kinds of vintage botanical pictures. I think maybe some Coral  crabs and these shells too. they'd make a nice grouping.

Also working on updating our master bath. We dont want to do a full remodel so I'm looking for ways to save some cash, but update it.  One thing I know for sure, I am drawn to bright and light bathrooms rather than any kind of wood. I'll be painting our dark wood cabinet a bright white and the walls a nice blue/green seaglass color.  Soft grey towels look awesome here, but I also think orange would look great as an accent color somewhere.Maybe just a little cup of flowers or something
Love these ones I found online in Sunset Magazine. Of course everything looks better with marble countertops and white subway tile.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fresh from the nest eggs

for the past few weeks we've been buying our eggs from my sister. She's got a bunch of different kinds of chickens and they all lay different sized and different colored eggs. Because they eat such a quality diet the yolks of these eggs are bright orange, almost red. They are so beautiful and so fresh!
They are not good for hard boiling because they are too fresh....did you know that you need old eggs for hard boiling? Also, I found out that eggs you buy in the store can be up to 30 days old when they get to the, 30 days?
Robin gets the eggs out of the nest the morning she brings them to us. They are hours old instead of weeks.
There's something else I learned about eggs...if you put a raw egg in a bowl of water and if it sinks and stays down, that means its fresh. If it floats, that means its getting older. It floats because that air pocket inside the egg gets larger in an older egg. The bigger the air pocket, the more the egg will float.
Learn something new every day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few more rugs I like

Im still looking at the rugs over at Madison at main and I found they have another style called Homefires.
It looks like Homefires is more of a closed loop rug than the Jellybean rugs.
Here are a few of the Homefires that I like.  There are so many to choose from!  Click on the pictures to see the closed loop design

I still love the red pickup truck one, but this chair looking out to the ocean has me wishing I was sitting there
And here's another one of the Jellybean rugs that I think would look good in my kitchen.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A new blog and a rug

I was surfing home decorating blogs this afternoon and found a new one that I quickly added to my favorites list. low tide high style
Her post today is about area rugs.
First off, I'm not such a fan of area rugs. I'm always straightening them, they seem to need to be washed constantly and I've never found ones that make me smile as much as these these ones do. So many cute ones to choose from!!!
Here are three that I put in my wish list while I ponder which one would look best in front of my kitchen stove.

But - I'm really leaning toward this one....I've got a thing for old pickup trucks and dogs
She's running a giveaway today, so if you like these rugs as much as I do, hurry over and leave her a comment for a chance to win one. If I cant win one, I sure hope someone I know go, get your name in!

just a walk

There are days when I arrive at work early in the morning and don't step a foot outside the office all day long. I miss the entire day.  I have the best intentions of getting away from my desk, but it never seems to happen. It makes for a pretty long day when there isn't an interruption to work for 10+ hours straight. I even eat my lunch at my desk most of the time.
Even a short walk around the block would be nice. Today it was beautiful outside for the first time in quite a while so I made up my mind to go out and get some fresh air.  It just so happened that I'd stuck my little point and shoot in my purse that morning so I grabbed it before I left my desk.  It really made that short little time away from my computer screen fun. I took a nice walk, enjoyed the sunshine and took a few pics along the way.  Here are some shots of my walk today.
Half way around the block is pretty manicured landscape of offices and hotels, and the other half is wild fields of weeds. Both were much more interesting when I was looking at them through a camera lens.
It sure makes a pretty boring walk more fun if your on the lookout for things to take pictures of and it ties in nicely with my "word" for this year, Focus. I may not be walking as fast as I could without the camera, but I'm getting away from my desk and taking a little mental holiday. I think I'll find a little more time to get away from my desk if I bring my camera with me.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


It was a drippy drizzly Sunday and Paul wasn't feeling well so I pulled out a project that hasn't seen the light of day in many months. I think August was the last time I worked on my quilt. I love to sew and last year I got an amazing new sewing machine. I haven't had much time to play with it lately, although I've thought about it a lot. I got to thinking about the design I was using for this quilt and decided I wanted to make it a rag quilt instead of the way it was going before. I had all the squares together and had sewn them into strips. 
Today I took the strips apart because I want to quilt each square and put them together as a rag unraveled quilt. I love the looks of these kinds of quilts so much and didnt want to go through all the work of making this a traditional quilt.So, the seam ripper was my friend today. In a few hours I'd undone the squares.
While I was working on that, little miss Thing was napping next to me. She just got a haircut yesterday ;-)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

curb appeal inspiration

I wanted to save this lovely garden for future my future reference.
obviously the house is georgous...perfection. I would love to see the inside of it. But what really caught my eye in this picture posted on the inspired room blog, was the walkway and the plants. I think I would slowly wonder up to this front entrance, browsing the rockery and looking at the flowers. I can imagine changing the annuals with the seasons, those tulips are stunning. I love the spacing...a clump down front, then another closer to the door, some daffodils in between.  The piled up rocks creating higher layers where you could tuck in a few hens and chicks, some whooly thyme or a pansy or two, the basket by the front door   ***sigh***
I've always loved boxwood headges that are kept short like this. We have several in our yard, but they were allowed to get pretty big. I like these shorter ones.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Across the river and over the mountains

My little blog has been sorely neglected lately.
I knew the blog was still here and I have no intentions of getting rid of it. I was starting to miss it though. When I dont take the time to blog, I feel like I'm losing the stories that I used my blog for keeping track of. Unless I jot them down here, I forget the details I want to remember...if I ever do get time to scrap again ;-)

Since I plan to get back into the blogging groove again, I realize that I need to also remember to take more photos. Paul seems to grab the camera more often than I do lately. Im really thankful for that, because he takes lots of cool pictures, but they are not always the about the story I feel like I want to tell in my scrapbooks. Must remember to take more everyday pictures.

So, we've been anxiously counting down the days til we head to Central Oregon. We've both heard so much good stuff about this area, and we were so excited to see if we would love it as much as we thought we would.  So on a rainy, drizzly (typical Seattle) Memorial Day weekend we set off.  A 5 1/2 hour drive, across the river, over the mountains and into the sunshine we went.

The hotel that we booked looked almost too good to be true. We had no idea exactly where it was in relation to what we wanted to see since we'd never been here before. Its always a little hard to know where to stay when you've never been somewhere. Sometimes you end up miles away from everything.
But this time it turned out just as good as it looked online and it was smack dab in the center of downtown Bend, with all the restaurants and shopping right outside our door. The Oxford was listed as an urban sheik, Eco friendly, downtown hotel. It just opened in January so we were only the 2,608th guest to stay at the hotel.  The beds were the most amazing thing I've ever slept on...and that includes the Hilton Heavenly beds. When we walked in the lobby to check in, they saw Macie and right away knew who we were. The concierge this Macie? We've been waiting for you.... That was pretty cool.

Just a few blocks down was a great park where we could walk Macie. The river runs right through town and this was the view across from the park on our morning walk.
We decided to take a short drive to the town of Sisters. Definitely heading back there again because the few hours we spent here were not nearly enough.
Unfortunately the weekend ended all too soon and we had to head back across the mountains and over the river.  We were really sad to leave. Say goodbye to these blue sky's because it was still raining in Seattle when we got back. We'll be back in July whole week and again in August. We're already counting the days again