Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Across the river and over the mountains

My little blog has been sorely neglected lately.
I knew the blog was still here and I have no intentions of getting rid of it. I was starting to miss it though. When I dont take the time to blog, I feel like I'm losing the stories that I used my blog for keeping track of. Unless I jot them down here, I forget the details I want to remember...if I ever do get time to scrap again ;-)

Since I plan to get back into the blogging groove again, I realize that I need to also remember to take more photos. Paul seems to grab the camera more often than I do lately. Im really thankful for that, because he takes lots of cool pictures, but they are not always the about the story I feel like I want to tell in my scrapbooks. Must remember to take more everyday pictures.

So, we've been anxiously counting down the days til we head to Central Oregon. We've both heard so much good stuff about this area, and we were so excited to see if we would love it as much as we thought we would.  So on a rainy, drizzly (typical Seattle) Memorial Day weekend we set off.  A 5 1/2 hour drive, across the river, over the mountains and into the sunshine we went.

The hotel that we booked looked almost too good to be true. We had no idea exactly where it was in relation to what we wanted to see since we'd never been here before. Its always a little hard to know where to stay when you've never been somewhere. Sometimes you end up miles away from everything.
But this time it turned out just as good as it looked online and it was smack dab in the center of downtown Bend, with all the restaurants and shopping right outside our door. The Oxford was listed as an urban sheik, Eco friendly, downtown hotel. It just opened in January so we were only the 2,608th guest to stay at the hotel.  The beds were the most amazing thing I've ever slept on...and that includes the Hilton Heavenly beds. When we walked in the lobby to check in, they saw Macie and right away knew who we were. The concierge this Macie? We've been waiting for you.... That was pretty cool.

Just a few blocks down was a great park where we could walk Macie. The river runs right through town and this was the view across from the park on our morning walk.
We decided to take a short drive to the town of Sisters. Definitely heading back there again because the few hours we spent here were not nearly enough.
Unfortunately the weekend ended all too soon and we had to head back across the mountains and over the river.  We were really sad to leave. Say goodbye to these blue sky's because it was still raining in Seattle when we got back. We'll be back in July whole week and again in August. We're already counting the days again


Suzanne said...

Yay to blogging! Sounds like a wonderful week-end :) xx

Tracy said...

I second the motion for blogging cheers! Great way to look back on what you've done & where you've been!

...and that hotel looks divine!