Thursday, June 03, 2010

curb appeal inspiration

I wanted to save this lovely garden for future my future reference.
obviously the house is georgous...perfection. I would love to see the inside of it. But what really caught my eye in this picture posted on the inspired room blog, was the walkway and the plants. I think I would slowly wonder up to this front entrance, browsing the rockery and looking at the flowers. I can imagine changing the annuals with the seasons, those tulips are stunning. I love the spacing...a clump down front, then another closer to the door, some daffodils in between.  The piled up rocks creating higher layers where you could tuck in a few hens and chicks, some whooly thyme or a pansy or two, the basket by the front door   ***sigh***
I've always loved boxwood headges that are kept short like this. We have several in our yard, but they were allowed to get pretty big. I like these shorter ones.

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Sue Thomas said...

Beautiful!!!! Makes me a bit ashamed of our front entrance.