Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fresh from the nest eggs

for the past few weeks we've been buying our eggs from my sister. She's got a bunch of different kinds of chickens and they all lay different sized and different colored eggs. Because they eat such a quality diet the yolks of these eggs are bright orange, almost red. They are so beautiful and so fresh!
They are not good for hard boiling because they are too fresh....did you know that you need old eggs for hard boiling? Also, I found out that eggs you buy in the store can be up to 30 days old when they get to the, 30 days?
Robin gets the eggs out of the nest the morning she brings them to us. They are hours old instead of weeks.
There's something else I learned about eggs...if you put a raw egg in a bowl of water and if it sinks and stays down, that means its fresh. If it floats, that means its getting older. It floats because that air pocket inside the egg gets larger in an older egg. The bigger the air pocket, the more the egg will float.
Learn something new every day.


Suzelle said...

Wow are quite the egg expert...that is cool :) Those eggs are beautiful. I bet they are yummy !!!

How fun to get fresh eggs :)

Tracy said...

I'm jealous! :o)