Saturday, July 31, 2010

basket love

I've been wanting a basket for my bike since I got it a few years ago. I don't even remember where I saw the Nantucket bike baskets, but I didn't forget that I wanted one.
And today I found one :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blogoversary and summer crafts

July 20th was my blogs 5 year anniversary!
I just realized five years ago I wrote my first little blog post here. It's really hard to believe its been that long.
It has never once felt like an obligation because I've always enjoyed writting. My personal rule: I won’t write unless I want to write. There are weeks, maybe months when I don't feel I have anything I want to write about. But then there are days that I could write several posts each day. If you've been around since then, I want to humbly offer a sincere thank you to you for being my friend :-)

This has nothing to do with my Blogoversary, but I found this fun craft idea I wanted to share.
I've seen a bunch of these cute tile pendants made from scrabble tiles. Adorable.
Even cuter when the letter on the back is one of your initials.  I think Im going to be on the hunt for an old scrabble game at the goodwill so I can make some. I love them on a chain, but think they would be really cute on a ribbon or a silk cord too.
I may have an old scrabble game somewhere even, or maybe tossed it. (*slaps forehead)
Could be some really cute stocking stuffers!

Instructions and photo courtesy of this adorable Etsy shop peachy pendants
She's got some beautiful already made pendants for sale.

Here's another craft that I'm itching to try. When I was younger we made all kinds of things out of magazines. Not having a lot of extra cash my Mom was always on the lookout for ways to keep us busy during the summertime and not spend a lot any money on supplies.
Magazines seemed to be readily available so we did a lot with them. We spent hours folding Readers Digests into Christmas trees and spray painting them gold or cutting the pages out and rolling them around a pencil or wire and gluing them to make beads.
Lately I've seen rolled magazine art reappear in trendy boutiques everywhere. I'd like to use up some of the brightly printed pages making something like this sometime.

This craft project was posted on rag and bone but they havent yet posted the promised instructions.
Apparently its made from a wire wreath form. I think it would be really cute with a round mirror attached to the center.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

moving along

Once again I changed my mind about my quilt.  I had started to put it together, then thought I'd rather make it a rag quilt, so I grabbed the seam ripper and took apart the blocks I had sewn together.
Thinking again, I decided to keep to the pattern. So, back together it went.
on closer inspection of this photo it looks like that orange strip right there in the middle has just a tish of skewing, but now that I know its there I kind of like it :) It makes it like me, just a bit off, but overall okay.

So before I could change my mind I sat down and went to work. The top is now finished and I can move on to the quilting. yeah!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Being at the Sisters Oregon quilt show sparked the itch to get quilting again.
Normally I love to sew during the winter months, not so much in the summer. Until now.
I wanted to share a few more of the quilts that were displayed at the pre-show.

This quilt was so beautiful. It was so realistic..almost like a photograph. (click on the photo to make it bigger to see the detail) The picture was a quilt hanging on the fence, with the three sisters mountains in the background and surrounded with pine trees. It was almost like looking at a painting, until you realized it was tiny pieces of fabric pieced together.
These were some of the quilts hanging in the fabric store
Obviously this store was the center of activity during the week leading up to the show.

and this it the quilt I purchased the kit to make at home. I love the grey, yellow, pinks and greens.
The pattern is called - Another brick in the wall.
The kit came with the pattern and instructions, and all the fabric for the quilt top. I will just need to buy the backing fabric and the batting once I get the top done.

This little antique store had a friendship quilt from the early 1900's hanging outside. It was in beautiful condition. Each square was made by a different lady and she signed her name in embroidery in the middle of her square.
Finally, here are just a few more pictures of this adorable little antique shop that I couldn't resist sharing

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

From here to there to here again-part 1

I'll tell you something, it takes a lot of stuff for only two people and a very small dog to go traveling for a week. I think that very small dog brings almost as much as we do. I really should get her her own cute little suitcase. Maybe that would be overboard...

I'll tell you something else, there's no better way to start the summer off than with a road trip.
We like the driving part, the seeing part, the taking pictures part. And the hotels along the way part. yes, we are big fans of road trips.
This year we are in central Oregon.
We are staying at Sunriver, but one of the attractions of the area is Sisters, Oregon.
The weekend after we leave, Sisters is holding its quilt show. Apparently, its the largest outdoor quilt show in the world with over 1000 quilts hanging on display outside...I'm sad that its the weekend after we leave :(
But I did manage to see several Pre-show quilts on display

and I did buy a quilt "kit" in the local quilt shop. They had the quilt on display and all the fabric and the pattern to make it already cut. Although I have one quilt I need to finish up, Im so excited to get started on this new one. Sisters has really inspired me to put some miles on my sewing machine.

one more attraction in Sisters...Sisters coffee company. Theee best coffee and my vote for cutest coffee shop